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GRC Webinar: Independent Analyst Perspective on "Intensifying Regulations and Emerging Risks"

Regulations are intensifying and a new class of risks is emerging from social networks, virtualized environments and global supply chains. As businesses focus on strengthening reputation, increasing revenue, retaining customers, entering markets, launching products and reducing costs - an integrated GRC strategy can enable organizations to rise above the compliance and risk management challenge and drive business performance.
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Making GRC Intelligent in Financial Services Organizations

In this on-demand webcast from SAS and Bank Systems & Technology, our experts will explain how incorporating data analytics into your GRC initiatives can help:

-Reduce the risk of inaccurate data or noncompliant records slipping through the cracks.
-Monitor risk and compliance processes continuously and consistently.
-Take action quickly to prevent harm to your clients, company, shareholder value or reputation.
-Cut the time and costs associated with compliance tracking.
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IBM OpenPages GRC Platform Overview

The IBM OpenPages GRC Platform allows organizations to Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze risk across the enterprise in a single, integrated solution.
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Next Steps for Risk Management in Investment Banking

According to a special report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, IBs worldwide are revamping their entire approach to understanding and mitigating the risks they face.

Join our experts for a frank discussion about the specific steps investment banks are taking to bolster their risk management capabilities in response to the global financial crisis.
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Economist Risk Survey Findings

Rebuilding Trust:
Next Steps for Risk Management in Financial Services

On the heels of some particularly harsh lessons learned, risk management has emerged as a critical component of strategic decision making for banks and insurers alike. Leading financial institutions are revamping their entire approach to understanding and mitigating the risks they face. But what's the plan?

In this webinar, Abhik Sen - co-author of the survey report discusses key findings, including:

-Why risk principles should be the first line of defense.
-How rising confidence could give way to complacency.
-What barriers to risk management still exist.
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