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COBIT 5: Avoiding Common Implementation Missteps

Source: Mash Risk Television

ValueBridge Advisors
Brian Barnier, Principal

Runtime: 15:04

Key Takeaways:

  1. COBIT 5 helps enterprises create value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing risk levels and resource use. The framework addresses both business and IT across an enterprise and considers the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders.
  2. New refinements:
    • Improved distinction between governance and management
    • Emphasis on enablers of success
    • Integration of several ISACA documents into COBIT 5
  3. To avoid common implementation missteps:
    • View COBIT from a governance and management perspective
    • Focus on the business and IT value elements of the COBIT framework
    • Tailor COBIT as necessary and be flexible in implementing it
    • Ensure COBIT activities are linked back to the business
    • Keep the business objectives of COBIT in focus
  4. IT leaders can proactively guide good implementation:
    • Drive value by prioritizing investments, implementing programs and projects, and daily operations
    • Stress the balance of risk and return
    • Begin with the business
  5. Use the COBIT Maturity Model to spot gaps and prioritize improvements.
  6. For more COBIT information and resources, click here.

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