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Preliminary Findings and Trends From S&P Enterprise Risk Management Reviews

Standard & Poor’s

Standard & Poor’s
Steve Dreyer, Managing Director, Corporate & Government Ratings

Runtime: 7:59

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  1. Enterprise risk management (ERM) reviews are a supplement to S&P’s credit ratings and provide additional insight into how companies manage themselves.
  2. Preliminary findings from S&P’s ERM reviews of non-financial companies:
    • Wide variety of adoption, formality and maturity of ERM
    • Heat maps and “Top Ten” lists are common; risk appetite/tolerance articulation is not
    • Risk management is normally siloed at operational levels; not usually strategic
    • ERM fluency is generally higher among companies in energy, pharma, agribusiness, technology, and some consumer products sectors
    • ERM is focused on downside protection/compliance; rarely focused on upside opportunity
  3. Emerging trends in ERM:
    • Companies becoming more comfortable with the language of ERM
    • Boards becoming more interactive with management on the topic of risk
    • Risk receiving more attention in industries where it has not received a lot of attention
    • The “E” becoming more important in ERM

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