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What are the Characteristics of a World Class Risk Management Function?

Source: Mash Risk Television

Watson Wyatt & Company
Sim Segal, FSA, CERA, MAAA

Runtime: 4:07

Segal is U.S. Leader of ERM Services for Watson Wyatt & Company.

Key Takeaways:

Characteristics of World Class Risk Management Functions:
  1. A culture that encourages enterprise risk management and communication.
  2. Integrated risk functions that coordinate and cooperate with each other.
  3. An expansive risk management framework that considers all the risks that can impact the enterprise.
  4. A clear understanding of the connection between risk and enterprise value.
  5. A Chief Risk Officer that reports to the board or CEO and strongly influences all aspects of enterprise risk management.
  6. Pervasive use of risk information in decision-making across the enterprise.
  7. Incentives that reward effective risk management.

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