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The ISACA Risk IT Framework

Source: Mash Risk Television

ValueBridge Advisors
Brian Barnier, Principal

Runtime: 6:57

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Barnier was a co-developer of The Risk IT Framework.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Developed by ISACA, The Risk IT Framework is the first global IT-related risk guidance to provide a comprehensive view of business risks related to IT initiatives.
  2. The Risk IT Framework is not limited to information security. It covers all IT-related risks, including:
    1. Late project delivery
    2. Not achieving enough value from IT
    3. Compliance
    4. Misalignment
    5. Obsolete or inflexible IT architecture
    6. IT service delivery problems
  3. The Risk IT Framework is based on the principles of enterprise risk management standards/frameworks such as COSO ERM and AS/NZS 4360.
  4. Benefits and Outcomes of The Risk IT Framework:
    1. Accurate view on current and near-future IT-related events
    2. End-to-end guidance on how to manage IT-related risks
    3. Understanding of how to capitalise on the investment made in an IT internal control system already in place
    4. Integration with the overall risk and compliance structures within the enterprise
    5. Common language to help manage the relationships
    6. Promotion of risk ownership throughout the organisation
    7. Complete risk profile to better understand risk
  5. The Risk IT Framework is available from ISACA as a free download at

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